Why Handmade Accessories? | Beads & Tassels

Handmade fashion has been making a comeback. With the majority of the world still under quarantine restrictions these days people have turned back to their appreciation for the handmade crafts. I've always believed there was more quality in your closet when you've invested in unique handmade pieces.

I've redefined my personal style with these unique light rose-colored tassel earrings from my shop. Just have a look at this amazing beaded artwork. It's so simple but the minor details in the materials make this pair of drop tassel earrings shout DISTINGUSHISHED! Every time I put them on it’s like I could be having a night-out like Cinderella and her glass slippers. A truly amazing handmade fashion piece.

Handmade accessory trends are something I always like to search for and when I find the one no ones closet should go without I will share it with you and add it to my store – what is your favorite handmade accessory trend?